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AfterShot Company was founded by two long-range shooting enthusiasts in 2010 in Kursk, Russia. Their goal was to create world-class materials and tools for high-quality cleaning of firearms and air guns. Thus they wished to promote a culture of proper gun care through a wide range and affordable prices so that every shooter could afford a product of good quality.

The company started with development and serial production of consumables for cleaning weapons under the AfterShot brand. Today there are about 450 Item No. s in the company’s product range.
A series of classic rods from 10 to 160 cm long suitable for calibers from .177 up to .50 and from 20 up to 12 gauge. Almost all rods are equipped with jags, rod adapters and barrel cleaner adapters.
Cleaning rods
• The steel and duralumin rods with chemicaly-resistant coating are designed for shotguns. These non-rotating rods fit .410, 20-12 gauge shotguns and are available in both 1 piece and 2 piece configurations.

• The short steel rods with ergonomically designed free floating ball bearing handles, both coated and uncoated, are designed for pistols.

• The short steel rods with ergonomically designed free floating ball bearing handles, both coated and uncoated, are designed for pistols.

• All Aftershot classic rifle rods are equipped with a flannel patch jag, adapter-connector and adapter for felt barrel cleaners. The most complete equipment among analogs, which allows you to use any accessories for cleaning weapons: brushes, felt barrel cleaners, flannel patches.

Please note: To .22 Rimfire and CZ shooters we recommend using .20 caliber cleaning rods as .22 caliber rods are sometimes too large to go through the tight barrels.

All the rods are supplied with a jag, an adapter, a barrel cleaner adapter
Pull through cables
A series of pull through cables with transparent nylon coating from 30 to 100 cm long. Such cables are very handy for cleaning in a field when you do not want to carry a classic rod, even sectional, or when you do not have time for proper cleaning. There are universal flexible rods for long-bore and short-bore firearms from .22 caliber up to 12 gauge and special cables intended, for example, for .177 caliber air guns. The cables are either equipped with adapters for felt barrel cleaners or threaded for brushes and adapters.
Rod guides

A wide range of centrefire and bolt action bore guides precisely align cleaning rods with the bore and prevent damage to your firearm and cleaning rod. The solvent-resistant O-rings provide a superior seal and prevent cleaners from leaking into a chamber and action.The AfterShot rod guides fit most bolt action rifles from .17 to .416 calibers.

Also you can choose rods for different types of weapons. This accessory is suitable for cleaning either rifles or shotguns and prevents dirt, solvents and grime from a bore in a bolt carrier group and centers a rod during reciprocating motions without damaging a chamber and a rod coating.

- Universal rod guides for calibers 4.5-6.35mm, 6-7mm,

- Shotguns and semi-automatic shotguns rod guides
from 20 to 12 gauge

- Special rod guides designed for specific weapon models:

- Haenel Jaeger 10
- Heym SR21
- Mauser M12/M03
- Sako 75/85
- Sauer 101/202/404
- Tikka T3
- Voere
- CZ 527
- Orsis
- S.Mannlicher SBS
- Franchi Horizon
- Mosin, Lancaster 9.6x53
- AR-10, AR15/M16
- Blaser R8, R93
- Benelli Vinci
The special cylindrical cleaners are made of high quality felt for cleaning and maintaining smoothbore, rifled and air guns of all calibers. They are put on rods with a help of special adapters and are used instead of or together with brushes.

These cleaners easily remove dirt and lead residue from the barrel. With regular use they will help maintain accurate performance of every firearm.

We also recommend to use the barrel cleaners for lighter soiling, for oiling or de-oiling. These felt cleaners are great for polishing a barrel with gun paste.
Barrel cleaners and cotton patches
Flannel patches
These patches are made of 100% cotton of high quality. They are absolutely white and you can control a degree of purity of your weapon. The rigid quality control through checking lots of characteristics is accomplished in accordance with the strict policy of AfterShot Company covering all their products. The flannel patches come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on cleaning preference, gun type and caliber. There is no problem choosing the right size for your caliber. There are square patches for all calibers from .22 to 12 gauge and rectangular patches 100x75mm for wider use. All the patches are sized to correctly fit the calibers given on their packages and can be used with a variety of jag types. They are stored in hook-up ziplock plastic bags. You can buy all the flannel patches in quantities of 50, 100, 250, 500, 750 and 1,000 pieces.

Adapters for felt
barrel cleaners
Adapters are used for installing felt barrel cleaners onto a tip of a rod. There are brass and duralumin adapters (duralumin adapters allow shooters to effectively determine when a rifle bore is truly copper free and save patches, chemicals and time).

These adapters are compatible with any rod available in the world market either for rifles or for shotguns. Each adapter is completed with a nut to keep a felt cleaner in its place when a rod moves backwards.
The AfterShot jags are used to clean bores with flannel patches. There are brass and duralumin jags compatible with any rod available in the world market in the product range. The AfterShot jags are suitable either for rifles or shotguns.

• Classic jags: Patches are put on a classic jag with a needle through their center. If you want a patch to move through a bore with less effort you should pierce it not in the center, but 5-10 mm away from it. If you want a patch to move more tightly you should take a patch one size bigger.

• Special jags are specifically designed to wrap patches around the jag for maximum cleaning surface. Thus a tangible effect is achieved when a bore is cleaned from dirt and wiped dry.
Classic and Special jags
Rod adapters are made for installing various brushes, jags, barrel cleaner adapters onto your rod. You can combine rods and adapters with different threads from different producers in all kinds of variations. Adapters are made of brass and duralumin.
Pipette for solvents
The AfterShot chemically resistant pipette is designed for liquid cleaning supplies. It is made of polyethylene. There are 12 pieces in a pack. The volume of each pipette is 3 ml, the length is 150mm. The pipette is a very handy tool for working with gun cleaning supplies. You can pour chemicals into a bore or onto patches carefully and precisely, for example, through a solvent port in a rod guide.
Lug recess and chamber cleaning kits
A highly efficient tool for cleaning the chamber and lug recesses of bolt-action rifles in calibers from 5.6 up to 9.6mm. These areas are the most difficult to clean in any weapon. The lug recess area collects a lot of grease and debris and should be cleaned regularly. This tool compresses cotton patches and then releases them so that you could rotate them inside the lug recess area. For cleaning you should apply solvent onto the patches and then dry the cleaned area with a dry one.
- Steel rod with chemically-resistant coating L=27cm or L=36 (working area)

- SH-AB-2 Adapter for felt barrel cleaners with 8/36 female thread

- SH-CR1 Cotton patches - 50 pcs

- Special nut for cotton patches

- SH-AС-4 Brass adapter from female 8/36 to female 8/32 thread

- Allen key

You only need to buy felt barrel cleaners for fine cleaning or 50x50, 45x45 universal flannel patches and use them instead of the cotton patches coming with the kit.
You can also use 50x50, 45x45 universal flannel patches instead of SH-CR1 cotton patches that are included in the kit. You should fold a flannel patch like it’s shown in the picture and proceed the same way as with the cotton patches.

This kit will help you clean the chamber and lug recesses quickly and perfectly.

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